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Restorative Dentistry – Chittenango, NY

Rebuild Your Teeth, Achieve a Winning Smile

Is your smile looking less than stellar as a result of decay, trauma, or wear-and-tear over the years? Chittenango Family Dental offers comprehensive solutions to restoring teeth damaged by decay and trauma. In order to better meet your needs and provide additional convenience, our dental office produces E4D dental crowns entirely in-house! With this technology, we can create dental crowns, fixed bridges, and implant-retained restorations to rebuild your smile quicker and more accurately than ever before! To get your smile restored, give our dental office a call!

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Why Choose Chittenango Family Dental for Restorative Dentistry?

What if I Do Nothing?

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The fact is damaged teeth are not going to get better on their own. If you need a dental filling now but fail to get it treated, the condition of your tooth will only worsen over time. Eventually, the damage will get so large that a dental filling will not be enough to restore it. Instead, a dental crown will be needed, resulting in higher restorative costs. Furthermore, teeth that need a dental crown but go untreated will eventually need a full-blown root canal, and so on.

Dental Crowns

Model of smile with dental crown restoration

As one of the most common devices used in dentistry, dental crowns are extremely versatile and effective at restoring damaged teeth. Not only can you expect a restoration that seals your damaged teeth away from bacteria, but one that blends in seamlessly with your smile thanks to the all-porcelain materials we use. Furthermore, we’ll make sure that your bite remains even and that your new crown feels comfortable after placement. If any modifications are needed, we can easily make adjustments in the dental office.

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E4D Same-Day Dental Crowns

The E4D same day dental crown system

Same-day crowns are restorations specifically made via the E4D Planmeca CAD/CAM system. This device allows us to take detailed 3D images of your teeth, then use these images to build a 3D model of your tooth. Upon further examination, we’ll design a crown that effectively seals, protects and restores your damaged tooth just as well as a traditional crown. The only difference is you don’t need to come back for a second visit or deal with uncomfortable putty material just to get an impression or permanent tooth made.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

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If you’re an older patient who’s had cavities in the past, you more than likely had metal fillings placed to restore your teeth. Not only do these fillings give off an unappealing gray sheen in your teeth, but they can even cause your tooth to break apart further after enough time. Dr. Badawy uses composite resin over metal alloys to restore teeth in order to give your smile a better appearance and protect your teeth from future decay.

Full-Mouth Restoration

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If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to restoring your smile, we’re more than happy to create a treatment plan that addresses multiple issues at a time. This could involve placing multiple fillings and crowns or replacing multiple missing teeth. During your consultation, we’ll go over each treatment in detail and provide a professional recommendation to get your oral health back on track. By the end of treatment, you’ll feel confident enough to show your smile off once again!

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